Hera Be Dragons

Over the edge, Over again.

Darkness envelops physicality, while sentience wanders free and unhindered.

The curse of the left lifted.

These beautiful molecular genii…

A friend of mine is recording me singing on one of his tunes tonight.

AAArrrrggghh! I hate you.

I will give ’til it’s all gone and you’ll turn round and spit in my face.

Sold my phone to keep my job. Lost my job. Still got no phone.

Apostrophes dance in a good sentence.

Take a good look. You’re no big deal. You’re so petty. It’s a lie! Naaaaaaahhhhh…

They still feel justified in their use of “retaliatory” force. From the mother of “turn the other cheek.” From the father of GREED.

Get me another fucking Lattæ.

God, I still owe him money and when he reads this, I’m sorry! Speak to you tomorrow.

Various Fawlty Towers/Monty Python references.

I wish I’d gone to Henley College and studied Classics. I told a girl I did the other day. Turns out I’ve read enough to blag it!

Zeus’s thunderbolts shake the sky – John Hurt in I, Claudius. Now “Little Boots” was a free man. Branded “Tyrant” by the S.P.Q.R. Tyrannical Taranis, the same in Gaul. No Homer for the Gauls though. And the New Romans? A bumbling, fat, drunk, father of the year.

When you hear/read a real line of poetry that makes you feel alive – “Let my armies be the rocks, and the trees, and the birds in the sky.” – Sean Connery quotes Charlemagne.

I wish my father could read this and be proud.

Wonder if I should get a blonde streak? Or a silver one?

This is the result of 25 minutes of writing down things that came to my head. I think this disproves the myth that men think about sex every 7 seconds. I confess I thought about heroin three or four times but it so distracted me I neglected to write it down. No Kubla Khan’s were lost though. Tonight I shall sing out the frequencies of Pi. Bring back to me, Isis, what I need to make my life complete.

Perhaps my problem is very few women compare to Goddesses. I met only one. Lay and loved with only one. She was Calliope, Aphrodite, Persephone, Pandora. Now she’s just another scar on my heart.

No doubt the next one I fall in love with will be the same. Mortals outshine the Gods by virtue of their fleeting brevity. Ugh! I’ve been alive too long already!

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